Actualitatea ambasadei

Discursul Ambasadoarei României la deschiderea 'Ferestre către lume'

(disponibil în limba engleză)

Adresa delivered by Her Excellency Mrs. Nineta Bărbulescu, Ambassador of Romania

at the Opening ceremony of 2019 Windows to the World

Canberra, Floriade, October 5

I acknowledge the beautiful welcoming to the country delivered for us all and I pay my respects for the past, present and incoming custodians of the land we meet today, Ngunnawal people. Today I speak on behalf of the Dean of the Diplomatic corp in Canberra, HE Mr.Abel Gutteres, Ambassador of Timor-Leste and of all my distinguish colleagues Ambassadors and High Commissioners representatives from all regions of the world who are opening their gates and, to some extend, their souls.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the important work done by Mr.Brendan Smyth, Commissioner for International engagement and his dedicated team, the local ACT authorities for hosting the 3rd edition of The Windows of the World event, a vibrant multicultural happening hosted here in the Nation capital of Australia, Canberra, starting today.

I am pleased to recognise the Ambassadors/High Commissioners of Columbia, Cote D’Ivoire, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sweden and the deputies Heads of Missions from Bangladesh,  Egypt and the Philippines.

The difference between what we are today and what we will became in 10 years consists mainly of 3 elements: the people we meet, the places we go and what we learn and remember. 2019 Windows to the world starts today in Canberra and is about all 3 of these. It is a family friendly event and you will have the opportunity to take hundreds of photos,  speak to dozens of people born on different lands than yours, taste new flavours, listen to sounds of the world and learn stories and legends of different nations. As it was scientifically proved that long term memory is not only about the brain, but also about the heart and the soul, you may like indulging yourself into the wonders of the world and of many legends from elsewhere.

I would like to share a legend from my country Romania: more that 700 years ago the Black King from Wallachia (southern region of Romania) asked a famous builder Great Master Manole and his team of 9 men, also great masters, to look down on Argeș River for a place to build the most exquisite monastery in the world. During construction process, the walls of the monastery would continuously crumble, the King threatening to kill the great masters, so pressure was, indeed, very high! Desperate about the way the monastery is being build, Great Master Manole had a vivid dream in which he was told that, for the construction to be finalized, he had to incorporate into its walls a very beloved person of his or one of his masters; Manole told the dream to the 9 masters (masons) and they all agreed that the first wife who would come to the construction site the following day, bringing food for her husband, would be put into the walls of the monastery,  in order for the great monastery to finally last. The legend says that Ana, Manole’s pregnant wife, was the first to came, it was a heavy rain with rocks and when he saw his wife he prayed to God to stop her, however, she loved him so much nothing could have prevented her arrival and later on, sacrifice. Ana’edifying, crying and begging for herself and her unborn baby is the most unforgettable part of this story. The most exquisite monastery in the world was finally completed. The Black King was so delighted to look at his achievement that he asked Master Manole, who was on the roof of the monastery, if  he can build a bigger and fancier monastery. All masters were proud of their work. With a big smile, the Great Master Manole agreed to the King and said ‘yes’, as he was one of the greatest builders in Europe more than 700 years ago! The Black King ordered the removal the scaffolding as he didn’t want them to build a more extravagant monastery for another king. The Great Master Manole and his 9 builders made themselves light wings of wood because they thought they can easily escape by flying. Unfortunatelly, Master Manole flight attempt failed. All other attempts failed. It is precisely in that place where a spring with clear water emerged, known today as Manole’s Fountain. This story emphasises the immortality of his soul and his personal sacrifice for his creation. The "Monastirea Argeșului" legend (Master Manole legend) was published by Vasile Alecsandri in 1852 and its based on the belief that nothing durable and unique can be built without the creator's hard work, deep passion, self-sacrifice. Fortunatelly, you can  visit "Monastirea Argeșului" build by Manole in Curtea de Argeș, Romania, during your next visit to Europe.

Before concluding, I am delighted to announce an essay contest for The Best original essay describing visits during 2019 Windows to the World to at least 4 embassies from at least 2 different regions of the world! The essays will be send by email at the Embassy of Romania at until November 15, 2019. The best essay winning Proudly Made in Romania products will be announced at our National Day Reception on December 2, 2019.

Enjoy 2019 Windows to the World and spread the word to your families and friends. Thank you for your kind attention.




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