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Remarks of Romanian designated Ambassador to the Independent State of Samoa during the Credentials Ceremony

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Apia, Samoa                                                                                                       March 8, 2019

Remarks in front of His Highness Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II,

Head of the Independent State of Samoa

Credentials Ceremony

of the first designated Ambassador of România to the Independent State of Samoa


Your Highness,

I have the honour to present to Your Highness the Letter of Credence of His Excellency President of Romania Professor Klaus-Werner Iohannis accrediting me in the character of the first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the Independent State of  Samoa (Malo Sa'oloto Tuto'atasi o Samoa)

I would like to convey the wishes of personal happiness and prosperity of the President of Romania to Your Highness and to the people of the Independent State of Samoa.   


Romania, the Garden of Jesus’s mother, is the Latin country in Eastern Europe, dominant Christian Orthodox, with a population of 21 millions Romanians living home and almost 8 millions living abroad. Life expectancy is more than 75 years and 20 minorities are living in harmony: Hungarians, Roma, Jewish, Ukrainians, Germans, Turkish a.o. Romania was the first oil exporting country, the capital Bucharest is the Little Paris, Timișoara was the first European city with electric street lighting, the Danube Delta is the biggest in Europe, the Palace of Parliament is the 2nd administrative building worldwide, the Danube-Black Sea canal is the 3rd longest navigable man-made route and the biggest wooden church in the world is at Săpânța, where we also have the only merry cemetery in the world.


Many great Romanians contributed to humankind progresses over the centuries, just to name  Petrache Poenaru patented the first fountain pen in 1799, Dr. Nicolae Păulescu discovered the insulin, Traian Vuia built the auto-propelled automobile airplane in 1906, the engine of the jet-propelled aircraft was invented by Romanian Henri Coandă in 1910, Constantin Brâncuși is The Patriarch of modern sculpture, Tristan Tzara invented the Dadaism, Nadia Comăneci was the first female gymnast awarded with a perfect score of 10 at Olympic Games, Simona Halep was for almost 2 years No.1 female tennis player! We, Romanians, are very proud of our millennia history, our Romanian language and culture, our Christian faith, our genius creativity and ingenuity and our legendary resilience over times and against natural disasters!


Today is March 8 and the humankind is celebrating the International Women's Day since the United Nations adopted it as a universal celebration of the womanhood.

In 2019 Romania counts 64 years of United Nations, 46 years of participation to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, 30 years since the collapse of the socialist regime and the first broadcasted revolution, 26 years since we joined the Council of Europe, 22 years of Strategic Partnership with the USA, 15 years since our adherence to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and 12 years of EU membership.  The next foreign policy milestone for Romania is the admission to the OECD as Romania  registered the biggest European economic growth since 2016 and the fastest growth rate of 1.9 % among the 28 EU member states in the 3rd quarter of 2018.


2019 is a landmark year for Romania as it is exercising the very first Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Our motto is “Cohesion, a common European value” and our approach is a better EU for each and every of the half billion European citizens. EU now is about BREXIT as the United Kingdom's process of leaving the Union just become even more challenging and the joint reflection on the future of the EU will be done in Romania by all European leaders hosted by HE The President of Romania on May 9, 2019, in a historical Summit in Sibiu, the landmark meeting of our Presidency. The Multiannual Financial Framework and the transition to the next European Commission and European Parliament as a result of the European elections in May 2019 are other milestones of our Romanian presidency of the Council of Europe.

A Europe of common values and of convergence, a safer Europe acting as a stronger global actor, defending the common EU values (human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights) and strengthening the ties with all countries remain the main goals of our political actions in Europe and around the world.

I am confident 2019 will be also the year for the election of Romania for the 5th mandate as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and my country is relying on the precious support of the Independent State of Samoa.


Your Highness,

Romania maintains and develops peaceful relations with all States. Our two countries started cooperation immediately after the Independent State of Samoa joined the United Nations as an independent state on December 15, 1976.

As a Member State of the European Union since 2007, Romania has contributed to the development of relations between the European Union and the Independent State of Samoa; we will continue to do so, especially during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU this semester.

Romania and the Independent State of Samoa have established diplomatic relations on March 2, 2006 and I am honored to present to Your Highness the logo I dedicated to our 15 years  anniversary to be celebrated in 2021.

The first Romanian diplomatic visit to Apia last May and the attendance of the Deputy Prim-Minister of Romania at the inter-regional preparatory meeting for the Mid-Term Review of the SAMOA Pathway and the Samoa Partnership Dialogue in Apia from 29 October – 1 November 2018, are indeed important steps in our bilateral engagement.

Romania and the Independent State of Samoa are strong advocates of effective multilateralism, one of the main vehicles for defending national and regional interests within the United Nations.

In the first 64 years of United Nations engagement, Romania is constantly striving to strengthen the global profile of the United Nations, devoting political and diplomatic resources to ensure peace and security, promote development and protect human rights and legality. Romania has a long-term commitment to peace, justice and development through the implementation of the 17 ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
Romania has served 4 terms as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and has demonstrated its consolidated ability to contribute to regional and global stability. Recognizing the importance of investing in preventive diplomacy, Romania is a donor country of official development assistance, which focuses its resources in areas such as institution building, good governance, education, change climate change and renewable energies. In 2005 Romania promoted the first UN resolution on cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations, including regional organizations representing the big ocean Pacific island countries, a visionary initiative deemed extremely useful by the United Nations review processes. 

In the 26 years of participation in peacekeeping operations Romania sent more than 10,000 soldiers. My country is the first European contributor with police officers in UN missions. Since 2004 Romania is the only state to provide close protection units to the security of high-level United Nations personnel. Romania highly appreciates the support of the Independent State of Samoa for our candidacy for the June 2019 elections. Romania is a champion of climate change because, several years in advance, it achieves renewable energy targets and ranks among the top three EU countries independent of fossil fuel imports. In this respect, I would also like to present an important project for consideration in the years to come.

In 2018 Romania financed for the first time the activities of the Pacific Islands Development Forum and hopefully a Samoan representative will participate to the International Conference on Building Resilience to Natural Disasters to be held in Bucharest on March 12th, 2019.

Your Highness,

Romanian diplomat and politician Nicolae Titulescu, President of the League of Nations (the UN predecessor), in a speech delivered in 1937, said: ’’it is in the peace created by the legal order that the human being can fulfil his/her destiny’’.
I read in the Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa about the foundations of this sovereign state: the Christian principles and Samoan custom and tradition, so I am truly confident we have solid common grounds to discover and building a renewed bilateral cooperation.
My personal journey to discover the Independent State of Samoa started in May 2018 when I had the privilege to visit for the first time Apia and to discover the beautiful people of Samoa, their legends and their myths. It is my privilege to present to Your Highness a 2019 Calendar dedicated to the people of the Independent State of Samoa and to invite Your Highness and the First Lady to visit the art exhibition @PacificaRomania at the Embassy of Romania in Canberra, at your convenience.

Your Highness, I am also delighted to provide today for all Samoan students a digital library of 3000 video lessons covering all school curricula in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry a.o. for the first to the twelfth grades. In addition, I would like to introduce an innovative Romanian renewable energy technology floating solar with storage OLPHES; it can convert any body of water into a renewable energy with storage, as Samoa is surrounded by the Pacific ocean.

Romania and the Independent State of Samoa share the same future, so we need to better communicate and cooperate to face the same challenges in terms of security, the rule of law, climate change, human rights and economic prosperity.

I am honoured to be the first Romanian Ambassador appointed for the Independent State of Samoa and I will work tirelessly to advance bilateral relations between our countries and to increase and strengthen ties between Romanians and Samoans!

May God saves our renewed friendship for centuries to come!



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